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Young and Queer PoC Story Collection
showcasing queer PoC storytellers ages 18-30

For the first time since its creation in March 2020, The Creative Pandemic is in the position to offer payment to the writers that share their work with us. We can do this thanks to funding from Project Phakama.

We'll be sharing a total of 6 stories from QPoC's. 

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What's Next?

Our QPoC Short story project, funded by Project Phakama, gave us the time to try our hand at running workshops, connected us with incredible people within larger publications, and the ability to pay contributing writers. 


Now this period of funding is over, we want to continue paying the contributing writers fairly for their work, as best we can. 

Our first workshop will be co-hosted by Lerah, author of The Same Old Storm. In it, we will learn about the Philippines folklore that inspires Lerah's work, and use them as inspiration for our own writing exercises. 

Moving forward, we'd like to run low-cost workshops led by ourselves and the friends we've made during the past 2 months. The workshops will get you writing, generate ideas, led by experienced writers. Profits generated by these workshops will then be used to pay the writers published on site. 

Hopefully, we can build a self-perpetuating cycle of workshop attendees submitting work they make to the site, and receiving payment from money generated from the workshops.

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in any way, drop us an email

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