Maritsa Baksh

Founder / Editor in Chief

I take care of the planning of projects and securing funding. When you send an email in to us, most likely I'm the one you'll be speaking to. Drop me a message if you have any questions about submissions or to offer support to the project!


Design / Proofreading

I do the design work for graphic assets (the promotional materials you see online), and take care of proofreading work before it's published on site. I love making things look their best!

a thank you from us

For the first time since its creation in March 2020, The Creative Pandemic is in the position to offer payment to the writers that share their work with us.

Up till this point, the work that you read on this site has been donated by friends and strangers for free. The ability to write and share work for free is a privilege, but we need stories from everyone, not just the few that can afford to work for free. 


The Creative Pandemic was built on the work of all writers. To the writers that contributed to us for nothing more than the love of writing and the desire to share their creative work, we say a massive Thank You, and we hope you continue to support this site.

Our focus on 18-30 year old is to encourage less experienced writers, with potentially less stable financial situations, whom are nonetheless trying to pursue creative careers. The project offers free editorial and proofreading for the pieces chosen for publication, in an attempt to further support these individuals. We want to share the work of PoC and queer young writers is driven by the desire to see and read more stories written by our community, for our community. The queer experience is wonderful, but also full of its own challenges. Being a PoC on top of that creates an intersection rarely represented in literature. Hopefully, this project can help address this.

Be sure to read our Submission Guide before submitting your work, found HERE.

We are able to do all of this thanks to Project Phakama, supported by their Young Artist Bursary. 

We are also supported by Megaphone and Goldsmiths University as editorial advisors.

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