Founder / Editor in Chief

I take care of the planning of projects and securing funding. When you send an email in to us, most likely I'm the one you'll be speaking to. Drop me a message if you have any questions about submissions or to offer support to the project!


Design / Proofreading

I do the design work for graphic assets (the promotional materials you see online), and take care of proofreading work before it's published on site. I love making things look their best!

about us

The Creative Pandemic started in response to the UK March 2020 lockdown.

I’m Maritsa, and I’m a QPoC who graduated from my MA just two months earlier, in January 2020.


With no access to the outside world and missing a supportive creative community of writers, I looked to the online community for motivation with my own writing, and created the site as a space where a community of writers could come together. I started editing work that people wanted to post on the site, and while I enjoyed every piece of writing that was shared with me I noticed that I was receiving many submissions from similar voices: broadly speaking, straight and white narratives from writers, already well into their careers, making enough money elsewhere to send me their work for free. 

I couldn’t escape the feeling that building a platform was all well and good, but who had access to that platform was just as important. 

I also still felt the lack of a writing community: of people at a similar stage in their writing lives, with similar lived experience to me. So The Creative Pandemic evolved to create it. 

The Creative Pandemic is a space where readers discover creative writing from the queer community, free of clutter from ads or distraction. This is a website where new writers from underrepresented communities can get their first publication, or can boost their profile, and where everyone who participates becomes part of a network. Through our partnership with Project Phakama, we can now pay our contributors, and we are able to offer free professional standard proofreading and editing support to the writers we publish, as well as continued support as their careers grow, through promotion, community, resource-sharing, and advice. 

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