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  • Matthew Couper

A lot about nothing, Christmas is near

This last week included my birthday, which my friends affectionately call Mattmas, and I’m not stopping them.

Its not the celebration it once was. For the last few years a few friends have gotten together and gone ten pin bowling. I'm older now, and I get my kicks where I can.

Not this year. Despite everyone’s best efforts it just wasn’t what I planned in my head. I miss us being in tier 2, at least then I would have had some options.

I did see my folks. Kim organised a brilliant lunch, and Phoebe learnt to play “Happy birthday” on the clarinet, all lovely.

This talk of celebrations makes me reflect on the decision to let people mix for Christmas.

I’m wondering if those in power realise that Covid-19 is a virus; it won’t be taking Christmas off.

I know everyone has cancelled events and we’re all feeling a bit low (ok very low), but it feels like we’re going to pay for Christmas with a January lockdown (I feel like I’m taking on the role of Scrooge in my own Covid Christmas carol).

This concerns me as January is often seen as the bleakest month, so if there is another lockdown we’re really going to have to be there for one another more than ever before.

Maybe we could move Christmas to Easter, Easter won’t mind it’s always moving about.

I hope this talk of vaccines isn’t adding to the false sense of security, think it will still be sometime away. We need to be a little patient. (Which is better than be an actual patient).


About the author: Matthew lives in Hither Green with his partner and daughter.

He's been working in the arts for far longer than his CV suggests. You can check out his work on his website here.

He's currently trying to re-write and play (again) and desperately trying to live in the now (and failing miserably!)

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