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what's a co-operative website?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

A leaflet came through the door a few days ago. Black and white text only, one edge of the paper lightly fuzzy from being ripped in half by a steady hand.

Ann from number 183 wanted to offer her help in any way she could, while "we all try to cope with the challenges of the current crisis"

She said she was over 70, and felt she had "much to give"

"So do call me or text me...if you need anything or just a chat"

Maybe this is my way of reaching out. My leaflet through the letterbox.

An encouragement to unload some political outrage, to share a hasty poem, or just a chat.

A co-operative anything is simply people working towards a common goal. The common goal here is...to not go crazy, get lazy, or apathetic in the coming months. Nothing more, nothing less.

So I don't know what kind of content you will find here, or if anyone will contribute. Will it be film reviews, will it be quarantine meal recipes, will it be tips on how to grow your own food and survive the end times?

I can't say. I don't want to say. But I built a space. I hope you help me fill it.

I feel like the country is standing still, and what happens when it starts moving again is dependent on what we do now.

We have to talk. We have to share and keep each other engaged, interested, motivated. I hope this space can help do this.

I hope you can find some entertainment here, too. If you want to contribute as a writer - check the About page for more information - , I hope you find some purpose and release. I'm open to any and all types of writing.

I hope we all cope.

(special thanks to Ann)

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