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  • Mattie O'Callaghan

Keeping It Sunny Inside

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

a short poem about mental health while in lockdown

The rays peer in Tinted by pink and purple They dance under clouds Finding colour In white walls We feel stuck in As we finally have to sit With the rain on our skin With the storm raging within We can no longer leave it to the wind Saying to come back another day Our busyness must keep it away.

It's so easy to blame these bricks We're told to stay behind These windows memories of an old life That can't keep out the weather Past forecasts taken over our quiet life.

But this foundation can prop us up Reminding us that our care to stay And put rainbows on our windows Can also be a way To let in our own rays Put on new lenses to see The colour can come back And if we're safe Absorb the light To just sit and be.


About the author: Mattie O'Callaghan is a poet and spoken word artist. Find out more about her here

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