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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

a vignette in creative writing is a short scene that gives us an in depth impression of character and context. It's a challenge to focus in on one small moment in time, forcing us to consider the implicit. Sam shares with us a brief text message conversation vignette.


Hey you!

long time no speak


Yeah it’s been a while! Nice to hear from you.

How have you been? Still at the same school?

yeah, still here. same old, same old.

won’t complain. what have you been up to?

Nothing much. Moved to Brighton a few years back.

Settled into a nice little place just up from the beach!

that’s really cool. remember you saying

you always wanted to live there. and now you are.

Sorry, just putting the boys to bed, speak soon?

yeah, sure.

It was really nice to hear from you again.


About the author: Sam Munch-Petersen plays the drums, makes the drums, and is far from humdrum.

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