• J. V. Damaris

Tripazoid (poets in pyjamas)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I have marked it with blue.   

One bruise in each toe gap   

I scratch it

A sort of skeletal figure, my frame   

hollow as a Gucci grin,   

One foot in the coffin.

My heart,

pounds silk so rich, so fly,   

Klepto magpie.

Be still the foil   

Oh, my wasted life.   

Do I take you tonight?

and which side is my best side?

Who sees, who spies it, the full-blown eye?   

The God hole

Will find me one day.

"Go on, feed it"

The magic eight ball reads   

And I, a changeling.   

Have lived another lie

And like the fat it's lost on me.

This is grave robbing.   

What a fake

With my tea and poundcake

What an unholy matrimony.   

Family or entity

Elbows in... arms in... sleeves.

I woke up this morning

Time's true comedown   

Jumped me.

Opioids never looked so glam.

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